Cleaning and coating of boards,
procurement of PCBs, components and kits

Cleaning of mounted boards: Cleaning is advisable if the boards require a high surface resistance, for example if they are used in measuring devices. Upon cleaning we perform a functionality test to make sure that the unit works correctly.

Coating: We recommend coating if the boards are used in unfavourable climatic conditions (heat, dampness) or, again, in measuring devices. First the mounted boards pass the cleaning unit and a test. Upon coating follows a second and final functionality test.

Potting: This method is for maximum protection. We offer two-component PU-potting which encapsules the components with a polyester or epoxy coating.


PCB Procurement: Each device is just as good as the PCB inside. We cooperate with a major supplier of top-quality boards and offer you attractive conditions for medium and high volumes. Please CONTACT our sales representative for information or a quotation.

Components and Kits: Supply components on your own behalf or simply take advantage of the favourable conditions of our partner Aktiva Consulting Equipment Components. They procure components and complete kits ready on call and thus make sure for on-time delivery and an efficient production.