Gépállomás út 9
H-8992 Bagod, HUNGARY
Tel.  ++36 92 56 00 22
Fax: ++36 92 56 00 21

Sales Manager:
Ekkehard Tschöp
Tel:        ++49 (0)171 - 1 47 74 41
E-Mail:  e.tschoep@elge-hungaria.com

Production Manager:
Miklós Merth
Tel:        ++36 92 56 00 22
E-Mail:  m.merth@elgehungaria.axelero.net


Hungary: Stepping Ahead
In the past years the Hungarian economy has advanced strongly and today offers an efficient infrastructure, modern industries, and qualified personnel. The EU-membership was a last formal step, which lead the country to where it has always been: in the heart of Europe.

Our Production Site: You will find us in Bagod, neighbouring the city of Zalaegerszeg. It is in one-hour´s distance by car from Graz/Austria. Lake Balaton is about 30 minutes away.